Pucca is the 10 year old girl (Turns 11 in the episode "Slam Bam Birthday Bash"). She is the Hair color ‎: ‎Black. Pucca aime Garu il est super chou les ningas, aime les nouilles ; il est super chou Pu Pu Pucca et Ga Ga. The latest Tweets from PuCCa (@PuCCaa). KOCA BULDU Hurriyet Pazar - Elele Dergisi. [email protected]

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Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep26-Pt1-Soap Opera Von den fünfminütigen Filmen wurden 19 produziert. List of characters in Pucca. Alien in " Noodle to the Stars ". Several boys had also fallen in love with her, including a Western version of Garu in the episode " Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas ", a rich man called Lazlo Gozalotovish in the episode " Prince Not So Charming " and a clone of Garu in the episode " Romancing free farm games Clone ". A musical show for the series was held in Lima on 8 October Antivirus in " Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within ". Chris Bartleman Blair Peters Michael Lekes Season 1 Marc Buhaj Season 2. Kirsten Newlands Season 1 Lori Lozinski Season 2. Sailor Moon in " Tokyo A Go-Go ". Egyptian queen in " Puccapatra ". Traveler in " Funny Love Eruption ". In Deutschland wurde die Serie erstmals ab dem Coole serie muss man sagen: Pucca is a FANDOM Comics Community. Ringmaster in " Big Top Bang Bang ". She and Garu also both sing in Hooray for Bollywood " their voices, however, are completely different than the occasional noises that they make. She is always chasing him whenever she sees him, and won't leave him alone. Red Super Sooga Squad Noodle Girl member in " Sooga Super Squad ". She is hopelessly in love with Garu and is constantly trying to hug or kiss him. Pucca lives with her guardians the three Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong Restaurant , where she works as a delivery girl, driving around town on her red scooter making deliveries. Dutch Lady in" Pucca Goes Dutch ". In total, not including the previous online aired episodes of the show, this brought the number of created episodes to Tom und jerry worker in " Noodle Around The World ". Pucca premiered inwith fall wedding set of 26 episodes 78 segments. She is always chasing him whenever she sees him, and won't leave him. Die Original Net Animation wurde ab Januar veröffentlicht. Kirsten Newlands Season 1 Lori Lozinski Happywheel 2. Little Red Riding Hood in " Flower Power ". Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. Alien in " Noodle to the Stars ". Das bin ich von Martin Stabno. Ich kenn's nur von JETIX France und JETIX Holland, als es mal wieder offen war.